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WoW Naan & Curry

Indian and Pakistan cuisine

Naan-N-Curry is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill Indian restaurant. We are absolutely dedicated to bringing Pakistani and Indian dishes so flavorful and genuine to our clientele it borders on obsessive. But thats the only way we know how at Naan-N-Curry.

With two distinct locations serving the discriminating San Francisco dining circuit at 336 OFarrell Street and 642 Irving Street Naan-N-Curry represents true Indian cuisine that exudes the textures, aromas and essential flavors inherent in South Asian culinary arts. Our cherished customer base returns to us time and time again to enjoy our Pakistani and Indian delights not only because theyre made to order using the absolute freshest of ingredients and freshly ground spices, but also because our dishes reach the perfect balance of flavor and heat, ensuring authenticity with every meal.

WoW Naan & Curry

Indian and Pakistan cuisine

Since our inception in the San Francisco area in 2002, Naan-N-Curry has been passionately determined to consistently establish a standard of fine cooking through elements such as the usage of fresh and wholesome ingredients, expert chefs implementing traditional recipes and who are committed to excellence plus comfortable, overtly relaxing dining settings, we are routinely pushing this envelope and evolving this standard.

With accolades bestowed upon us from the local community such as The best Chicken Tikka Masala around, An unbeatable $7.99 buffet deal and Easily the best late-night dining option in the city, Naan-N-Curry would be just another San Francisco eatery if not for our foodchoose from our unique, delectable menu items such as Lamb Palak, Chana Masala, Bhindi Okra and, of course, Garlic Naan. Not to be missed is our talked-about Aloo, a potato naan delicious in taste and exuding thick, fluffy characteristics.

Incredibly authentic Pakistani and Indian comfort food is only the beginning of the Naan-N-Curry experiencejoin us at one of our locations today!

"Food Tastes Better When You eat it with your family.

- unknown author -

Traditional Spices

Fresh ingredients are soul of our business 

Our kitchen staff works hard and takes pride in preparing the dishes that are not only presented artistically, but also taste absoluty delicious. We use only the finest ingredients and spare no effort to make your visit memorable.

Try us out and experience the difference...


Contact Us / TEL: 415-664-7225

642 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122

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